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Inspired by Harry Potter “Alohomora”, a charm that unlocks doors and windows, we aim to give you the control to lock or unlock your privacy any way you want!

Hide your digital footprint & block ads and trackers.


Alora is the first product from the Privoce team that aims at protecting your online privacy.

We believe helping you manage your data is as important as protecting your data. Therefore, our next product Entro will serve as a personal data management portal for you!


Coming Soon

  • Your personal portal page.
  • Workspaces management and easy switch.
  • Quick access to the features of your frequently used web apps.
  • Widgets to see notifications before visiting the site.
  • Save for later read list.

Composable Personal Portal

Our Mission

We build tools that enhance data ownership and provide app interoperability!

If Web 1.0 granted netizens the right to view online content, and Web 2.0 has given netizens the right to publish in a participatory manner, Web 3.0 will go one step further and give netizens personal storage and computation.

How can we grant every netizen better ownership of personal data? How can netizens gain more participatory representation in today’s data economy? With the rise of cloud computing, the personal cloud storage model together with related content distribution methods have the potential to revolutionize the Internet and live up to Web 3.0 ideals--the division of labour in data storage, computing, and Internet services. Join us as one of the pioneers that helped build the future of the Internet!

What are our next steps?

  • Alora extension that protects personal data and enhances browsing expericence.
  • Personal portal Entro for data management.
  • Social browser with interoperable data profiles controlled by users.
  • Webassembly OS and universal web app framework with personal cloud.

Our Team

Meet our team of
innovators, problem solvers,
developers and designers.

Han Su is a cosmopolitan thinker with a background in computer science and new media technologies. Han has lived across the globe and has worked in Internet startups and giant companies. Han earned his master’s degree in comparative media studies from MIT.

Han Su

Project Lead

Fullstack Engineer

Xiuno founded the largest Chinese open-sourced BBS framework—Xiuno BBS, which powered more than 70,000 sites with millions of users. He has 14 year experience in web development and open-sourced field and recently got interested in Rust + Web Assembly. Xiuno also has expertises in blockchain technologies and decentralized cloud computing.

Min Huang (Xiuno)

Tech Lead

Rust Developer

Eric Morales is from Seattle and has earned his bachelor in Global China Studies at NYU Shanghai, with minors in History and Computer Science, during which he also gained proficiency in Chinese language. He is a native speaker of English and Spanish. Eric is a natural traveler with a passion for helping people discover the benefits of working together.

Eric Morales

US Regional Lead

Marketing Lead

Joan is currently a student at DIT (Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technolgoy) studying Computer Science. Joan is a native speaker of Swahili and English, and she has learnt Chinese for 3 years. Joan is interested in UX and web development, and wants to make the African Internet industry grow strong and successful.

Joan H. Francis

Tanzania Regional Lead

Frontend Engineer

Eric has a background in computer science and interactive media. Wenhe is an Open Source advocator, software development engineer, and machine learning engineer. Currently, Wenhe will work as a frontend developer in China.

Wenhe (Eric) Li

Software Architect

Liyang (Tom) Zhu is currently a junior at New York University in Shanghai majoring in Computer Science. He has a keen interest in various programming languages and computer networking systems. In his spare time, he loves developing gadgets that make life easier.

Tom Zhu

Fullstack Engineer

Junchao Lin has a background in integrated product innovation and human-computer interaction. Lin has participated in and led multiple user research and design strategy projects in both design consulting and giant tech firms. Lin earned his master’s degree in Integrated Innovation for Products and Services from CMU, and is currently a research associate at HCII.

Junchao Lin

UX Researcher

Jackie Hu is a product designer working in the intersection of technology, design, and art. She cares about making positive impacts and bringing delights to people’s lives by designing meaningful products. Currently, Jackie is a master’s candidate in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.

Jackie Hu

Product Designer

Boyu Liu has a background in statistics, machine learning, economics, and policy. He has extensive experience in technology startups with data science, operations, and product management. He is pursuing a dual MS degree in Computer Science and Technology Policy at MIT.

Boyu Liu

Product Manager

Natalia Pinheiro studies Computer Science in UESB in Brazil. She is interested in algorithms, Human Computer Interaction, and educational products. She is in charge of the localization of Alora in Brazil.

Natalia Pinheiro

Brazil Regional Lead

Frontend Engineer

Victória Trindade studies Information Systems in UESB. She is interested in computer programming and studies the impact and importance of technology on society.

Victória Trindade

Marketing Lead

Frontend Engineer

André Andrade is a Information Systems student in UESB. He is interested in programming, diversity, gender equality and assistive home automation.

André Andrade

Marketing Assistant

Túlio Calil is a Information Systems student in UESB. His areas of interest are web, mobile, game development and functional programming technologies.

Túlio Calil

Engineering Lead

Meet the incredible
people who were part
of the project.

Matt Li

System Architect

Ziming Sheng

Backend Engineer

Yi Yi

Product Manager

Shawn Zeng

Fullstack Engineer

João Andreotti

Backend Engineer

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