Our Products


Vera Co-browsing

When you want your Spanish speaking friend to see something, you can use Vera--e.g., "ver la foto"!

Co-browse any website with your teammates.



Portal is your personalized Web 3.0 home page. Experience quick access to web apps history, easily managed tabs, and the ability to preview calendars events!

Web app home page with your selection of widgets.


Our Mission

We are building tools to enrich web app interoperability with user APIs!

If Web 1.0 granted netizens the right to view online content, and Web 2.0 has given netizens the right to publish in a participatory manner, Web 3.0 will go one step further and give netizens personal storage and computation.

How can we grant every netizen better ownership of personal data? How can netizens gain more participatory representation in today’s data economy? With the rise of cloud computing, the personal cloud storage model together with related content distribution methods have the potential to revolutionize the Internet and live up to Web 3.0 ideals--the division of labour in data storage, computing, and Internet services. Join us as one of the pioneers that helped build the future of the Internet!

What are our next steps?

  • Personal portal for web apps and workspaces management.
  • Social browser with user mananged interoperable user APIs--data profiles and contacts.
  • Personal Cloud OS supporting wasm+js dual-runtime.

Join Us

If you are interested in what we are doing and would like to contribute to the Privoce Repository through github, please don’t hesitate to star our repos and contact us at: